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Vince Vicari:
Pop Singer/Songwriter & Entertainer

As Sacramento, California’s premiere pop singer/songwriter, Vince Vicari is the quintessential entertainer. Labeled “The Great Showman” by Submerge Magazine (he graced the cover in July 2019), Vince has been singing and playing piano his whole life – assembling a band and garnering a diverse fan base every step of the way. Vince Vicari is the most inclusive music artist today, having entertained thousands live on stage at Northern California music festivals, weddings, block parties, retirement homes, dog shows – you name it. There are no limits with Vince!

His debut EP “Bodacious” was released July 2019 accompanied by a high-energy music video complete with choreography and a vibrant nod to early 2000s life. Pop, Funk & Disco have never been done this way – Vince’s “Sicilian Swag” is on full display every time his voice hits a microphone.

Vince’s notoriety catapulted in the Sacramento Valley for being the singing waiter at Sacramento’s premiere Mexican cuisine and Tequila museum restaurant, Mayahuel, where he amassed a loyal following from around the world during his five-year residency.

A self-proclaimed “social pterodactyl,” (because a social butterfly doesn’t quite encapsulate the magnitude of his presence) Vince is an independent artist who does it all – live television performances, producing music videos and songs, band leader, show manager, social media strategist – a true entertainment savant dedicated to the craft.

With an arsenal of music still yet to be released (English, Spanish, and ?), Vince explains that that the songs on Bodacious “just barely scratch the surface of who I am as a person, what I’ve experienced in my young life, and how I like to have fun….When I see other people are having fun because of my music, I’m having fun. My aim is to entertain.”

Vince’s music and “Sicilian Swag” is evident now more than ever – he’s always active on social media, in real life, and across the world. While 2019’s debut release “Bodacious” lays the foundation, the construction of Vince’s pop music palace begins in 2020, and all are invited to the housewarming party…

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